High-tech camera links our youngest patients to top medical specialists Baby Faith

When Baby Faith* was born, she struggled to breathe. What should have been a time of joy and celebration became stressful as our Family Birth Place care team worked to stabilize tiny Faith. Fortunately for Faith and her family, a new telemedicine service was in place that connects rural hospitals like ours with a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) specialist at OHSU.

The key question in the moment: was our one robot for connecting with OHSU already in use for stroke care in another department? This robot — a high-definition camera connected with a powerful computer on a small cart — was available. In minutes, the unit was beside the bassinet and a NICU physician with OHSU was evaluating Faith.

“Telemedicine NICU immediately adds another set of professional eyes and expertise, saving precious minutes needed to help us address the baby’s health situation.” – Jamie, RN

The local care team talked in real time with the specialist who ordered diagnostic tests and treatments. What used to take hours and multiple telephone calls can now be done without delay. Because of this technology, there is more hope for families, less stress for care teams, and best of all … top quality care close to home for babies like Faith.

“Because of telemedicine NICU, we can give babies the best possible care until the pediatric transport team (the “PANDA”) arrives to take them to a children’s hospital.” – Heather, RN

However… if the robot was already caring for a stroke patient in the Emergency Department, it could be busy for several hours. Or … if the robot was caring for Baby Faith, an Emergency Department patient with stroke symptoms would have to rely on telephone access for OHSU specialty resources. That’s why we’re asking our community to help us raise $75,000: to buy a second robot and enhance care for Tillamook newborns like Baby Faith. This new unit will have a long camera arm to give the NICU specialist a closeup view of the baby alongside the care team working around the bassinet.

You, our generous community, have been so gracious at stepping up to help our hospital invest in special equipment like this.

“Telemedicine NICU is such a valuable asset to the tiniest people in our community. I look forward to caring for our Tillamook newborns with help from this resource.” – Melissa, RN

Because of your grateful generosity to our hospital throughout the year, more children can thrive, more seniors can smile, and people with illness and injuries can have even more healing and hope. Thank you for being a part of these moments of hope!

To support this leading-edge care today, please give today.

*Name changed.

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