Making an Impact: Adventist Health@Home Program Gabriella

“We think we have a very typical house, certainly for our community. We have my mom and dad, my brother and his girlfriend, and one of my other younger brothers, and my son and I,” Gabriella starts.

When the pandemic started, one of her greatest concerns was getting sick, mainly because of the health struggles she and her parents were already facing.

“My sister and I were watching as my dad started to get sick. Maybe four days after that, my son started complaining of a headache and a fever. And I’m like, “No, this isn’t normal. He never gets sick.” Immediately I took him to get tested. And then he came out positive,” she continued.

Thankfully, a few days later, he was on the mend. But soon, Gabriella didn’t feel well and spiked a fever. “Here we go. Now it’s my turn,” she thought.

She drove herself to the local Adventist Health ED, but after testing and monitoring, the team recommended that Gabriella was admitted. She was soon in tears, fearing for herself, but knowing that she had told her son she would be home quickly.

“You feel your body is not right. But in my mind, it’s just like, so what are you looking for so that I can get back home? Maybe I can will my oxygen level higher or my fever lower or whatever it is to go home.”

The fourth day in the hospital her doctor told her about the Adventist Health@Home program. Because of her improvements, he was recommending her for the program.

“When I got home and I saw the setup, it definitely felt like, oh, this is interesting. I wonder how it will work. And then it starts working. You start getting the phone calls and the nurse all of a sudden pops up on the iPad.”

The team sent her home with a monitor to wear on her wrist. If she ever felt unwell, she could press the monitor, which would alert Adventist Health and send a care provider to her home, immediately.

Gabriella’s treatment plan included 3 daily visits from field nurses and virtual visits. But the care was provided in the comfort of her home, allowing her to be surrounded by her family.

“I’m getting to receive this amazing care from people who genuinely make you feel like they want to provide this care for you. That they’re happy to do it. And I’m getting my family.

And how could you not get better?”

This program is possible from support from our devoted donors. With continued support, Adventist Health can provide the resources to focus on physical healing and allowing patients a bit or normalcy in their homes.

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